It's a new era for us as we take on the butcher's shop in Codicote - do come and say hello.
The beef in our shop will be ours and if you would like a box of beef do get in touch either here 
​or phone 01438 820342

Our herd is made up of traditional British breeds such as Aberdeen Angus that are known for their top quality, well marbled flesh which results in tasty, succulent beef.

We believe...

... traditionally grass reared and happy cows produce the very best beef!
We also want you to care about where your food comes from, buy local and support British farmers.

Great value and handy for a variety of meals and occasions our beef is now available traditionally butchered and oven ready as a box of mixed cuts in either 10kg or 5kg boxes.

Happy Customers

“ the rib eye steak was the juiciest and tastiest I have ever had!”
T.Ramsbottom , Hitchin

“ lovely quality meat, a joy to cook with and enjoyed by all the family”
H.Fender, Eastcote